Parallel: A Visualization App for multivariate data


Team: Brohan Lin & Mohit Hingorani


Bar Charts & Pie charts are great but can only be used for 2-3 dimensions. For multiple dimensions designers often resort to 3D visualizations, which may work for large screens but fail to deliver information on small mobile screens.Moreover limited processing power results in slow and overall clunky performance. The problem
worsens when the user tries to interact with data. Touch screens fails when intuitively trying to
interact in the 3 rd dimension

Parallel coordinates allow the data visualization to serve as an interface itself.It also results in significant space savings and compact visualizations for smaller devices.

The application is meant to visualize multivariate numerical data sets on android platform.
1. Tweaking the sliders will result in immediate visual feedback
2. The selected lines are highlighted while the ones that do not fulfill the criterion are gently
faded to aid relevant comparisons
3. Colors will help highlight different properties of the visualization