I have been really busy for the last few months with my master's project.

To be honest i barely picked up my camera this summer! The very few shoots i did go for were at night ( since i was coding & writing all day). We often went up north away from Santa Barbara chasing darker skies. The milky way was out in during the summer.

Here are the results!


Lightroom Game Level Up

Since i started using Adobe Lightroom, my quality of work kind of took a leap. The focus while shooting is now more on lines and perspectives than making sure if the exposure is right. In August itself i took over 9000 shots ( kind of a big deal). i am still catching up on my editing.

This one was taken during one of our night shoots. I just love it I really don't know why.

Openframeworks experiments

Fall 2014

For my first open frameworks application i set out to create an audio visual application. Looking back, i have come really long way in one year.

The idea was really simple create a VJ application with audio generated visualizations. Eventually i did introduced a kinect into the program to respond to the DJs movements. Over that quarter i really understood the framework, its libraries and the awesome open source community. 

And linker errors.

Here are a few visuals from the application.

360 full surround video player for the Oculus.

May 2015

A lot of my projects never really get "completed". However often they do serve as stepping stones to something bigger. This was one of those projects. Over my second year i played around with the oculus and built image gallery visualization as well as a full surround video player for it. It was surprising to see how well people responded to the experience and dancing to 360  full surround music videos at MAT's End of Year Show where this was presented.


Photos by Gaucho Photography